Electronic Travel Advisory App

Privacy Policy

UNDSS takes your privacy seriously and the information we collect is only used for security related purposes by Security Professionals in the UN Security Management System. The Electronic Travel Advisory (eTA) app is a geo-communication solution that allows for the dissemination of security-related messages based on your location.

The data you share with UNDSS or that other UN systems provide to DSS systems is encrypted every step of the way. It is neither sold to, nor shared with third parties.

Given the nature of the Electronic Travel Advisory app, please be aware of the following:

The type of messages sent by the app includes requesting the user to report their and their dependents’ safe/not safe status during an emergency. For this feature to be effective, location information is collected even when the app is closed or not in use.

When you enable the device location service, the device will verify every 12 hours the security clearance status for the Security Risk Management Area (SRMA) within which you are located. This does not record your specific location. It records only your current SRMA and enables UN security professionals to send you relevant security notifications. If your device location is off, notifications are based off your last recorded geographical area. The history of your whereabouts is neither saved, nor displayed to anyone.

Accurate location recording is only enabled if your Designated Official (DO) approved the activation of the GeoLocation feature. This feature is primarily used in high risk areas and/or in emergency situations. Keeping your device location on, especially during emergency situations, is a safety measure whose responsibility lies with you. As a reminder, UN Personnel, regardless of rank or level, have the responsibility to abide by security policies, guidelines, directives, plans and procedures of the UNSMS and its organizations. UNDSS is here to help you fulfill this responsibility.

If your Designated Official approves the activation of the Locate and Assist feature, only the past 96 hours of your whereabouts’ coordinates is saved. Again, this feature is only used in exceptional circumstances, only if approved by the DO, it is not automatic, and the Electronic Travel Advisory app will let you know whether the feature has been activated.

Though we understand your privacy concerns, keep in mind that all your data is encrypted, that it is only visible to UN security professionals whose duties and roles enable such visibility, and only used to ensure your safety.