BSAFE is the new online security awareness training. It replaces both Basic Security in the Field (BSITF) and Advanced Security in the Field (ASITF).

This course is mandatory for all UN personnel, including staff, interns and consultants. BSAFE is also highly recommended for dependants.
BSAFE will be released in English and French in the fall of 2018, and in the other UN official languages by early 2019. All UN personnel, including interns and consultants, are expected to complete this mandatory course by 30 June 2019. Until that time, BSITF and ASITF certificates will still be valid.

BSAFE certificates will not expire.
BSAFE will be available at and may be found on Learning Management Systems (LMS) belonging to UN agencies, funds and programmes and the Secretariat. If you work at the UN Secretariat, you are strongly encouraged to take BSAFE at the Inspira system, as it will facilitate retrieval of your learning records.

Be informed. Be alert. BSAFE.

Please email us at for comments and questions about BSAFE. Thank you.